What we do...


While it doesn't sound very sexy, we think an organized work-space is powerful.


We help businesses create integrated digital systems that scale as you grow. It's much easier to start with a good system than it is to clean up a mess later. (We know, we do clean ups as well).  Our job is to help business people focus on what they do best (Surprise! often it's not back-office organization) by creating and implementing efficient, lean and clean:


  • Bookkeeping & Expense Systems

  • Financial Reporting (How much are we spending?)

  • Standard Contracts & Agreements for hiring, financing etc. (keep it legal/real)

  • Communication tools (Google Apps, Echosign, IT support,Wiki's & more)


We also keep an eye out for problem areas and will recommend trusted advisors when there is more than an organizing project to tackle. While we won't work past our paygrade, we will help by:


  • Introducing appropriate advisers and support in framing questions / problems.

  • Offer best practices to utilize professional services (attorney or CPA) efficiently.


  Once the system and resources are in place, we help hire and train the right person to take over (we love working ourselves out of a job).  If something should break or go wrong later, you can call us and we will get things back on track! 


Companies love us because we get them up and running with the ability to keep their focus on team and product building.


Investors love us because we set their entrepreneurs up to succeed and keep that burn rate for professional expenses LOW.  In the event of a due diligence event (Yay) everything is in order!


Small business people love us because we help them automate saving time and money.


Ready to get started? Just call or email.